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Filed Under Places | March 26, 2013

glenburn soda fountain burnaby heights

There are few things better in this world than really good ice cream.  Not the cheap two-bucks-for-a-tub stuff that you can get at the grocery store that may or may not have milk in it, but the kind scooped up in old-fashioned ice cream parlours by servers in white paper hats. Thankfully, we found a place just like that in the Burnaby Heights…the Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery.

The shop is straight out of the 1940′s; with old-fashioned milkshake makers, glass jars filled with candy, stools at the counter, and a chalk menu from which to pick your delicacies.  And oh, the delicacies. From sundaes to egg creams (exciting for the Harriet The Spy fans among us) to floats to sodas to plain old ice cream cones, they have it all. We also appreciate how committed they are to local products with ice cream from Abbotsford’s Birchwood Dairy, syrups from Organic Fair, Pop Shoppe and local fruits and nuts whenever possible. They even have a vegan ice cream option! The highlight for us was probably the banana split…which we ate for lunch.  It was that big.  And that good.

One of our favourite things about the Soda Fountain is the family dynamic. When we went, husband and wife owners Ron and Roberta LaQuaglia served us behind the counter and their kids took our order.  The venue itself is quite small, so be prepared to stand around and nibble on your sundae (which was just fine for us). Also, because each sundae, float, egg cream and soda is made to order – and there are only two soda jerks (at most) at any one time – the ice cream obtaining experience is leisurely.  But remember: good things will come to those who wait.

The Glenburn Soda Fountain in the heart of the Heights near the much-loved Valley Bakery…just look for the swinging girl from the old Helen’s sign. It’s available for parties for everything from a few seats at the counter to a tiny ice cream social to the whole restaurant.  And with one more week of spring break left, we think it’s the perfect destination to take the kids and grab a malted…because you deserve to treat yourself (and them too, we suppose.)

Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery: glenburnsoda.wordpress.com
4090 Hastings Street, Burnaby

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By: Erin Jeffery

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