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family bucket list

Sure, we’re busy people but we’ve all got our family must-do ‘life experience’ lists — stuff you’ve always wanted to do or see with your kids before they’re all grown up. So this Valentine’s we’re setting ourselves the challenge of putting those lists to paper, and even crossing a few items off before next February 14th. Interested in joining us in making your own list? Here’s what we learned from talking to our team of parents:

1) start with what you loved about your childhood

When we asked the yoyo team what was on their lists, a lot of us turned out to have a need to get to the great outdoors with our kids, maybe because that’s where our favourite childhood memories were made. Fun in the snow was on everyone’s lists, from taking little ones tobogganing, to snowshoeing and skiing. Sailing or canoeing on a quiet lake were goals for parents on our team who’d done the same as kids. And don’t forget to include a few items you wish you’d done as a kid – the mom of our youngest yoyo aims to make her little one a mud kitchen, along with making popcorn some summer night and sneaking out to see fireworks.

2) save some memories

When you’re making memories as a family, it’s also important to take time to savour them. One of our yoyo team member’s list items was to create a scrapbook with her family with the aim that the kids – not her – would get to choose the photos and the stories that go with them. “Even if they are blurry and out of focus and I wouldn’t usually scrap with them,” she added. Because a project like this can take time, it’s hard to prioritize it. So putting it on your life experiences list is a great way to get ‘er done and enjoy family time in the bargain.

3) don’t forget to dream big (and save up)

All of us yoyoers have some big ticket items on our lists that we’re saving up for, whether it’s travelling to Disney World, booking that trip to Hawaii, or even taking a summer off and taking the kids to Europe. But while you’re dreaming big, enjoy the little stuff too – we loved hearing from our team of parents about the smaller goals they’re checking off the list while they save up: teaching their kids chess, playing more Settlers of Cataan, and handing down old family recipes to the next generation.

Yo mamas and papas, if your heart’s won over by this family life experiences list idea, check out our Pinterest board We’d also love to hear what’s on your list. And if you’re in the mood for more family love, check out these Valentine’s activities:

By: Channing Rodman

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