10 things we love about vancouver

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ten things for families in vancouver

Vancouver, you’re a rainy, grey-green, coffee-brewing, multi-cultural, organic, baby-wearing town…and that’s exactly how we like you. As we get all lovey-dovey for our readers this week, we’re also devoting a little ink to the amazing place our kids are growing up. So Vancouver, here are 10 things parents love about you.

the markets: Not only are there the Granville Island Kid’s Market, and the all-seasons Farmers’ Markets but our hearts have also been won by the enchanting River Market (pictured).

no car, no problem: Between the public transport, the bike paths and the car co-ops, Vancouver’s got a car-less charm (heh) that’s impossible to resist.

the history: For a city that does such a great job inventing the future, Vancouver parents will tell you they love the historic sites too, and number one on their favourites list is the Burnaby Village Museum with its beautiful carousel.

the eats: It’s no secret that we’re sweet on Vancouver’s kid-friendly cafes, such as SweetSalt, Little Nest, and Kokopelli. And don’t forget doughnuts!

nature-loving: Living here means your family’s in luck when it comes to green escapes. Downtown parents swear by the beaches in Kits and Stanley Park – but our favourites for wilder adventures include Rocky Point Park, Deep Cove, the mountains, and of course Lynn Valley.

the islands: Whenever you want to run away to sea, it’s easy to take the family to an island or two – and what’s not to love about living this close to the Pacific?

easy learning: Science World is everyone’s favourite place to blow their kids’ minds. And for kids looking to learn a little more, may we present a beloved hidden gem: The Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

the BC Children’s Hospital: If you’ve ever had to take your kid to the BCCH, chances are you love them too. We’re grateful that we don’t have to travel far to access such a great hospital.

the libraries: We’re head over heels for our libraries, but we’re especially hung up on the Surrey City Centre Public Library for its innovative space and programming for families.

rainy days: We live in a place where a “snow day” is a choice you make when you head to the mountains. This city was made for fun in the rain, so put a splash in your step and get out there!

Yo mamas and papas, if you’re looking for even more to love about living here, cosy up to our archives:

By: Channing Rodman

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