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When you think about eating ‘greener’ you may think along the lines of avoiding the “dirty dozen”, meatless Mondays, and adding ancient grains to your diet. But what about what you eat with, keep your food in, and drink from?  If one of your 2013 resolutions was to be a more enviro-conscious eater, then you’ll want to check out Greenmunch, a Canadian online source for dining green.

At Greenmunch you’ll find everything from stainless steel storage solutions, to litterless lunch necessities, to eco-friendly party supplies. We put a bevy of their products to the test and our favourites included the Cuppow, the colourful, biodegradable paper straws, and the Hydros Bottle.

The Cuppow’s a handy little BPA-free plastic lid that turns a canning jar into a travel mug. Admittedly better for drinks that aren’t piping hot, we still love how this allows our jars to do double duty (and look cool). And while we have stainless steel straws for our kids, when it comes to parties we just don’t want to invest in enough for a crowd, which is when we call these fun (our kids can’t get enough of them) straws into play. They come in a variety of colours, patterns, and lengths, including a swanky cocktail straw, which is a great conversation piece at soirees. And while our go-to for a water bottle is glass, it’s not always the lightest or handiest to tote around. So we’re hydrating with Hydros these days, as this BPA and phthalate-free plastic bottle comes with a built-in filter that filters out Chlorine, Chloramine, and particulates in just seconds.

And once we started canning last summer we got really, REALLY into jars. Who knew they could be so fascinating? So we’ve spent a lot of time perusing Greenmunch’s selection of mason jars, which includes jars with handles, a lid that lets you turn your jar into a piggy bank, cute daisy lids, and more.

We do find some of the site’s functionality less than user-friendly at times, but either way it’s awfully handy to have someone else curate a one-stop green eating shop that has you covered from soup to nuts – or cutlery to compostable dinnerware.


Yo mama! Working on being more eco-friendly this year? Then you might find the following perfectly green:

By: Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit

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