tuts tix to be won!

We’re big fans of Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS) so we’re excited to be giving away two tickets (valued at about $80) to the show of your choice for the 2012 season! Choose between going to Titanic for a date … MORE

sponsored post: putting the world on your table

It’s no secret we love food here at yoyomama headquarters.  In addition to loving food, we love Galloway’s Specialty Foods, and love even more that they are celebrating their two year anniversary at their Burnaby location!  Arlene Kroeker, chief blogess … MORE

all this and a phone too?

I have a confession to make about my household. We are iAddicts. We have two iPhones, three shuffles, a nano, an iPod, Apple TV (which really should be called iTV in order to fit properly) and an iPad. We are … MORE

blueberry vodka – ta dum!

I had to post the final pictures of the blueberry vodka process, in part just because the colour is so gorgeous! I found the easy-looking recipe in the The Canadian Living Complete Preserving Book and I decided when blueberries came … MORE

girlfriend getaway: harrison hot springs

Summertime is all about getaways, road trips and relaxing.  And sure a lot of that time is family-f0cussed, but what about getaway with those other very important people in your life, the ones who keep you sane when your kids … MORE

baby you can't drive my car

It’s true, if the Acura MDX Elite were my car for reals and not for a week, you could SO not drive it and I would never ask you for a lift.  In fact I would offer to drive everywhere … MORE

fruit roll ups and vodka

Well it’s not Wednesday and this post isn’t quite wordless but that’s what inspired today’s entry on my experiments making fruit roll ups from raspberries and blueberries we picked and also starting my (first?) batch of blueberry vodka as my … MORE

sponsored post: making everything pretty for kitty

When interior designing your home, it’s important to think of everyone in your family…even your furry friends.  From a cozy, quiet resting area to indoor entertainment, there are many elements to consider when making your home happy for your feline … MORE

am I a girl racer at heart?

To date I’ve viewed cars in a very utilitarian way. They get you from A to B. They’re safe. They have enough storage room for all your kids’ stuff, strollers included. But now that I’ve driven the Acura RDX Tech … MORE

insightful driving

As promised I tried to photograph the dash of the Honda Insight in action so you could see how I’m tracking my green driving. The top oval is the where it’ll show blue or green depending on how you’re driving. … MORE


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