a little insight

This week I’m getting a little (okay actually a lot) of insight into my driving, specifically when I’m driving in a more economic fashion and when I’m not. All thanks to the Honda Insight, the hybrid we’re driving in the … MORE


So I checked with my  mum and it’s true. There really was a Mickey Mouse shaped firework back in the day that affected my expectations of fireworks ever after. Until our latest trip to Disneyland that is. On the last … MORE

sponsored post: it's hammer time!

With summer finally making a fashionably late appearance in most parts of Canada, those outdoor projects we’ve been waiting to start all June are beckoning. Tomato trellises, varnishing decks, slicking a fresh coat of yellow paint on the fence: this … MORE

oops! they did it again

When I was about eight Disney ruined fireworks for me forevermore (until recently, but more on that in a later post) as I swear to this day that the firework display I saw at Disneyland ended with a firework that … MORE

so sad to say goodbye…

Today we dropped the Odyssey back off at the Honda Office. Le HUGE sigh, we love it so. “Having this car has been like driving a fantasy,” said my eldest as we said goodbye to it. We’re trying the Honda … MORE

cars land disney 2012

We’ve kept it a secret from the girls that we’ve been invited to the launch of Cars Land in Disneyland next week. And we planned the big reveal for a family movie night after watching what else? Cars! Post movie … MORE

minivan coffee date

So this morning I had a coffee date with four mums and one babe from the girls’ school. They were all game enough to join me for a minivan coffee date – ie. we all piled into the Honda Odyssey … MORE

happy birthday to us!

Five years ago today we sent out our very first email to a handful of people. Tomorrow we’ll be sending out something like our 1,725th email to over 5,000 of you.  To coin a phrase (or not) we’ve come a … MORE

transit of venus – june 5th, 2012

Safe solar viewing tips for the Transit of Venus this Tuesday: We got this email from the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre about the Transit of Venus and we wanted to share the info with you in case you have an … MORE


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