merry xbox-mas: tech tuesday

I’ve made reference before to the fact that I have iChildren who are used to playing on my iPhone and iPad but haven’t actually ever delved into the world of video games and their ilk. I also have a husband … MORE

lights, camera, christmas!

My son, the giant toddler M, is two and is just slowly embracing the concept of Christmas, Santa and all the pomp and circumstance.  I couldn’t be more excited.  So it was with great fervor that my family (giant toddler … MORE

the scottish prisoner: book review

For lovers of Diana Gabaldon and her best-selling series of Outlander and Lord John novels you’ll be pleased to learn that her latest offering The Scottish Prisoner (just in time for Christmas) reunites her two heroes Jamie Fraser and John … MORE

winter wine party: wine-ding down

Please note: the party is now over! We are picking the winners and will announce them when they are all confirmed. Thanks to everyone who came out to do some winter sipping with us! Well…that horrible day has come.  The … MORE

off to see the wizard!

As they headed off into the night for a father/daughter date to the opening night of Carousel Theatre’s newest (and one of their biggest) production – The Wizard of Oz – my eight-year-old pondered how they’d do the cyclone. She … MORE

winter wine party-cue the sparkles!

I have another confession to make.  Historically, I have never been a big fan of sparkling wine.  To much fizz for not enough flavour.  I’ve since realized it was because I really don’t like champagne and I have painted all sparkling wines … MORE

winter wine party: blending the best of both worlds

Its wine party hump day!  Today we’re delving in to the wonderful world of blended wines.  We’re talking about two gooders…Mannina “RoseAnnes Red” ,  2008 Walla Walla Valley U.S.A 55% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Franc, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon which has a complex … MORE

winter wine party time-que syrah syrah

Hey there yoyo winos!  It’s day one of the winter wine party!  Once again, we’re co-hosting an online wine tasting with our favourite wine-ers, the clever folks at Hemisphere’s Wine Guild.  We’ve posted the list of the wines we’ll be … MORE


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