ann douglas: the mother of all

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to get to sit down with Ann Douglas, parenting author extradordinaire and ask her your questions! Meeting Ann was a big moment for me. Not only was her Mother of All Pregnancy Books the … MORE

And then we played…

We talked introduction to strategy games for ages 5+ on yoyomama today. Here’s a few more recommendations that are technically for ages 8-10+, but we’ve found children as young as age six enjoying the first three once they’ve been introduced … MORE

louise penny interview

Hey TwitLitBookclubbers, perhaps you recall me suggesting that if you like mysteries you ought to delve into Louise Penny’s books? Well imagine my excitement when I was asked to interview her at Chapters on Broadway this weekend. Seriously I geeked … MORE

pen-ultimate: tech tuesday

On this, the first day of school for most kids, it seemed appropriate to write about a pen/stylus, after all that practically counts as  a school supplies doesn’t it? If you’ve been following our Tech Tuesday columns you’ll know that … MORE


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