foodie friday: eat better together

I have a confession to make.  I have a bit of a picky kid.  He eats fairly balanced meals, but there isn’t too much variety in his diets. If he could, he would survive on watermelon, eggs, cheese, noodles, cucumbers … MORE

pinteresting: tech tuesday

I have a confession, I have a bit of a problem with Pinterest.  I avoided it for quite awhile after my first introduction to pinning, suspecting it might be addictive (I was right), but then I couldn’t resist it’s siren … MORE

hip and cool and back to school

find more details on all the fab back to school products on Northface Daypack Mossbud Soft Shell Jacket   Resolve Jacket   Kamik Boots   Stonz Boot Linerz  

summer essentials

I was at the beach today pondering (while the children dug in the sand) which items we’re written about that  have become our summer essentials. Now the sun’s (finally) here this is the current list. And please note, this is … MORE


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