time to wine: summer sipping suggestions

The party’s over, the glasses have all been collected, the bottles returned for refund and the winners notified (once they’ve all replied we’ll share their names with you!). But that doesn’t mean summer sipping is over, here’s a handy reference … MORE

foodie friday: from beans to bombay

In a past post, I mentioned my newly rekindled loveaffair with the chickpea. As promised, here is the incredible, edible, Bombay Hummus recipe from one of my favourites, the ReBar cookbook. Its a surprising take on a traditional hummus.  The … MORE

time to wine:summer sipping day four

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to try all the wines this summer that Marcus has been suggesting.  Its going to be tough let me tell you. Congratulations … MORE

time to wine: summer sipping day three

Yesterday’s questions (and answers) were so amazing, I can’t wait to make dinner tonight.  Perhaps I’ll be inspired and pair a hot dog or two with Seguras Vidas (who knew), just to keep everyone on their toes. We’ll be drawing … MORE

time to wine: summer sipping day two

Well, its day two of our wine tasting and the conversation just getting started. Feel free to check out any day’s discussions and comment on them…we’ll be sure to respond.  Marcus always has such great wine advice, now really is … MORE

got your back: tech tuesday

Sorry I missed Tech Tuesday last week but I have a very good reason. I was on holiday. Well, sort of. It’s hard to be offline when you run your own business. And I didn’t mention being away on Twitter … MORE

time to wine: summer sipping day one

There’s nothing better than a party with your friends talking about adult stuff and sipping on your favourite bevvie.  But lately, we’ve found it harder and harder to get together with our friends (what with kids and all), and when … MORE

time to wine: party overview

Wondering how this party works? We’ll be asking you a different question each day this week – or asking you to ask our expert, Marcus Anselms from Hemispheres Wine Guild your summer sipping questions – and everyone who jumps into … MORE


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