pod people redux: tech tuesday

Back in the day when yoyomama first launched we wrote about the joy of podcasts but I wasn’t a total converts myself until lately. I’m trying to up my exercise ante and I find that a podcast keeps me much … MORE

let's jam:foodie friday

Its strawberry season, its strawberry season!  Hooray!  The giant baby consumes strawberries at an alarming rate.  In fact, I’m fairly certain he would eat nothing but strawberries 24 hours a day if we let him (and if it didn’t do … MORE

for the love of the stage

Today’s post is guest blogged by Amy, a soprano in the Vancouver based singing group, Aliqua.  We wanted to hear how a performer can do it all.  As a somewhat new mom, and a performer by passion  (I will use … MORE

hear, hear: tech tuesday

Father’s Day had me reflecting on one of the best Mother’s Day gifts I ever got. Admittedly I initially thought it was the lamest gift ever, a headset for my home phone. It seemed akin to getting a new iron … MORE

feeding a picky kid: foodie friday

This week’s foodie Friday is guest blogged (and guest reciped)by Andrea E. Niosi, the clever mum behind My Picky Kid.  I recently came upon My Picky Kid as I was tearing through the inter-web looking for solutions to get my … MORE

how cool are you: tech tuesday

If you’re like me you’re unable to resist the occasional Google of yourself and with the rise of social media now there are all sorts of new ways to measure your impact online and who’s talking about you, retweeting you … MORE

raising m: yoyodaddy

We know that our readers aren’t all mamas.  In fact, we have noticed a recent influx of daddies…many of them from Touch Football BC.  This may be because I play football, but more likely its because of this guy, Dave … MORE

all hail the mighty chick pea: foodie friday

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but its been awhile since I have posted about my adventures in the wonderful world of wellness (wow…thats a lot of w’s).  I think its because I’ve been a bit disappointed in myself and the plateau … MORE


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