#yvrkids: tech tuesday

Hashtags on Twitter are wonderful things. They allow me to “watch” #canucks games while I’m working at my computer. Follow events I’m not at, check who’s tweeting about us as “yoyomama” and not “yoyomamadotca” and lots more. A hashtag unites … MORE

life is too short for bad food: foodie friday

When we think of Galloway’s Speciality Foods , we hearken back to days of old…like the eighties.  We remember visiting Galloway’s on Robson with our parents to stock up on spices and nuts and grains (oh my) and all other … MORE

it's like magic: tech tuesday

If you ever wrestled unsuccessfully with a Rubik’s Cube back in the day you may quail in the face of Lola’s Magic Cute, but have no fear, this app designed for kids from three to seven, while visually somewhat similar … MORE

just drop it: tech tuesday

Have you discovered the joys of Dropbox yet? I was introduced to this ingenious product by the lovely Penny of Milk Factory fame a few years ago and have been evangelising about it ever since.  Why? Because it’s so awesome.  … MORE

everything old is new again

I am a bit of a clotheshorse.  In past lives I have worked in a variety of high end fashion establishments as a ‘style consultant’ (or whatever the title du jour was).  I also have held office jobs that entailed … MORE

an apple a day: tech tuesday

I’m a bit of a shutter bug.  I take pictures constantly…primarily of my son.  I’m not saying they’re good pictures…they’re just my little way of capturing the memories that my mommy brain instantly forgets. The thing is I take them, … MORE

time to sleep

Sleep.  We love it and we just can’t get enough of it. Our kids on the other hand seem to want to be awake all the time…especially when they should be happily in dreamland catching their zzzzs.  So we asked … MORE

duck, duck, rhino: tech tuesday

There seems to be an ironic theme to our tech tuesdays posts. A case of technology hearkening back to classicism. The Kate Spade iPhone case I covet is just once example. In another instance I just downloaded the Moleskine App. … MORE


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