kiss (keep it simple silly): tip #12

The Environmental Working Group may have their dirty dozen shoppers guide to pesticides and now we have our “green dozen” – great  tips from eco-savvy Canadian experts.  So in the interests of keeping it simple here’s our last tip from … MORE

the chicken and the egg: tip #11

Our next (and close to last) tip comes from Lindsay Coulter, aka David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, and it’s all about eggs. This struck a chord with me as my sister used to call free-range chickens “happy chickens” when we … MORE

royal wedding, high tea and curly wurlies

Despite my British heritage (that’s why we use “mum” in our editorial over “mom” just so you know) I’m not into the upcoming royal wedding enough to actually get up early to watch it.  But I do have a coterie … MORE

learn to read: tip #10

After yesterday’s tip from an enviro dad, today’s tip comes from a green mama. The Green Mama to be precise: Learn to read labels!  You can save a bundle of money and lots of headaches (the figurative and literal kind) … MORE

tech tuesday: the wants

The unrelenting miserable weather we’ve been having of late – interspersed with the odd gorgeous day to remind us of what we’re missing – has me filled with the wants. The common theme around what I’m wanting has nothing to … MORE

keep learning: tip #8

We couldn’t not post one of our green tips on Earth Day itself. That would just be wrong. And it seemed like a good idea to include a tip that’s about educating yourself on the changes you want to make … MORE

get your vote on: tip #7

We’re back with another green tip, this time from Rick Smith, father and the Executive Director of Environmental Defence that’s particularly timely as the election looms ever closer: Even though we’re all suffering a bit of election fatigue it’s important … MORE

tech tuesday: don't flip out

So it was only a few years ago that we, and many others, were extolling the virtues of the Flip camera. I loved, and still love, our handy little Flip but it’s likely that my smart-phone-phobic husband loves it most … MORE


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