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So if your kids may be kicking around the house. How are you going to keep them busy? Here’s our guide to ideas, activities and crafts to keep you sane and them happy!

We recommend you start with our Spring Break Activities Guide which includes drop in classes and events in Vancouver and beyond over the next two weeks. Then check out the links below for other resources and ideas. We’ll keep adding to this as we come up with new ideas as well:


Board Games:

Some of our favourite games!

Local Theatre:

Take it Outside:

Vancouver (and surrounding) Places:

These all make great half or full-day excursions!

Readers Recommend:

What do you recommend? Just send us your suggestions and we’ll list them here. Please include your child’s age and gender and if you’d like a link back to your business or blog be sure to include it in your email!

Junior Photo Journalist
Grab a camera (digital or disposable) and hand it off to the budding photo journalist in your life. Taking your kids to different neighbourhoods to snap creative photos allows them to see this marvel of a city in a whole new light. Come up with some unique ways for them to spark some creativity. Suggest taking photos of interesting man hole covers or challenge them to take a picture of an object for each letter in the alphabet.
~ Amy, mother of an eight-year-old boy and owner of Lullaby League

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt. With a handheld GPS, or even a GPS-equipped smartphone, you and your family (and friends) can search out containers (“caches”) hidden around the city, in parks, in the countryside – pretty much anywhere! You grab the description of the cache and the coordinates of its location from www.geocaching.com (using a free account), enter those coordinates into your GPS or smartphone and off you go! Sounds easy, and sometimes it is. Sometimes, though, it’s a bit challenging. Sometime it’s quite a bit challenging!

Geocaching with kids is particularly fun. Kids love technology, treasure hunts, and adventures, and geocaching combines all three. Also, it’s a great way to explore a region. You’re guaranteed to find places that you had no idea existed. And with over 2500 caches in the Vancouver area alone, it’ll be a while before you run out of new places to see!
~ Gwen (aka Left Coast Mama) & Anthony, parents of two accomplished geocaching sons, 2 & 6

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