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I am about to write a post about weight loss.  But it’s not the post you expect.  I am not on a diet, and I am not trying to be thin. When I rounded and softened while carrying my children … MORE

battle of the bar(res)

In the last little while two new fitness studios opened in town. Barre Fitness and the Bar Method. Both are in Yaletown, both specialize in a sort of a combo of yoga, pilates and ballet and both are killer workouts. … MORE

bar method

Here are the confessions of a bar addict from local mama of two, Shoni Field: I’ve never been much of an exercise enthusiast, perhaps because I’ve never found something that delivered consistent results, but all that changed when I started … MORE

barre fitness

Local mama and entrepreneur, Amy van Weelderen of Lullaby League, likes to hit the barre: I have done step aerobics, spin class, boot camps and hot yoga. I have belonged to gyms, worked out on my own and with a … MORE

my, my, how can I resist you?

This past weekend I took my five-year-old to Carousel’s latest production, Munscha Mia which is running through March 27th. I always love taking the kids to live theatre, I think it’s so important and I love to see their reaction … MORE

cruisin’: the inside scoop for beginners

So I’ve never thought of myself as a cruising type of person. I remember the booze cruise  evenings of yore (ie. my twenties) when half way through the evening I’d feel trapped. “I’m stuck on this boat for another two … MORE

the changing view

One of the best parts of the cruise for me was the changing view from our stateroom every morning. I took a photo almost every morning of the different view so here’s my first ever photo essay. I think I … MORE


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