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Filed Under Pregnancy and Birthing, Stuff | May 20, 2010

Thighs are the bane of many a woman’s existence and that doesn’t stop during pregnancy.  Most of us gain weight in unfortunate places when we’re gestating and the thighs are one of those places.  And when its summertime, it’s hot, you’re pregnant and your thighs rub together (lets be honest…unless you’re a super model, your thighs probably rub together even when you aren’t pregnant) causing painful chafing, life can suck.

Our thighs sighed with relief when we discovered Thigh Society.

Thigh Society is a unique short/panty designed specifically to stop the dreaded chafing.  Our tester was a pregnant mom of one who had experienced a ‘pregnant summer’ before, so she was eager to give these babies a try. She wore them all day on Mother’s Day and she thought they were fantastic!  The super soft fabric contains just enough spandex to hug your body enough to make them comfy, not tight.  She loved the fact that unlike bike shorts, body shapers or nylons, these lovely shorts moved with her and didn’t ride up at all, and the waist band fit comfortably under her beautiful belly so she barely noticed it was there.   They are light enough that they show no visible panty lines and the flat seams make them extra comfy.  She has washed them a few times and they are holding their shape and softness.  In fact, she loved them so much she has been telling everyone she knows about them-pregnant or not – and she fully intends to keep wearing them post baby!

We do wish that these shorts came lined so you don’t have to wear panties underneath, because when you are pregnant in the summer, the less clothing you can wear the better.  We also wish that they carried them in more stores outside of Ontario and Quebec…but at least you can buy them online!

As the heat of summer approaches and everything gets a bit sweatier, we’re so glad to be part of Thigh Society.

Thigh Society:

2 thoughts on “living the thigh life

  1. Thanks for the great review! Just a quick note that Thigh Society does have a double-layer fabric gusset so that you don’t need to wear a panty underneath (especially on a hot summer day when you want to minimize layers of clothing!). And we’re working on some Vancouver distribution -stay tuned and thank you for your support!

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