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It may seem a bit odd to be talking about lunchboxes in the spring, after all they’re a fall sort of accessory. But if the lunch bag or box you bought for your tot last fall isn’t holding up, you might want to consider investing in a Goodbyn now. Not only will you use it all summer long for snacks and picnics, but it will still be going strong when school or daycare starts up in September.

These unique lunchboxes are moulded out of plastic that’s lead, BPA and phthalate-free. The design incorporates six different, co-joined containers sized to fit everything from sandwiches to fruit, dips and veggies and ensures no cross contamination of either taste or moisture. It’s also dishwasher safe, comes with its own reusable bottle and a whole heap of (dishwasher-safe) stickers to allow your tot to personalize it. And when it finally bites the dust, you can recycle it.

We put it to the real-life lunch test and found that despite being quite large it still fits into a (big) purse. It’s touted as being easy to open for kids from four to 11, our four and six-year-old testers didn’t quite get the hang of it, so we’d recommend it for slightly older kids or for when you’re around to help. We used it for snacks and lunches, as the variety of different sized compartments were super handy for packing everything from hummus to crackers to raisins. It also streamlines your snacking and packing routines, as you don’t need to hunt around for a variety of size-appropriate containers.

When we said invest we weren’t kidding. The Goodbyn retails for $34.99. But when you factor in its long life, recyclability and the fact that you won’t be using as many baggies or juice boxes (if you still use them that is), we think it’s worth it.

Perhaps our favourite thing about them? The handy pdf of lunch plans on their site which is so detailed it includes a grocery checklist. We love it when someone else takes care of some of the daily minutiae for us.


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  1. The goodbyns, or greatbyns as we like to call them are available at Raspberry Kids for either local pick up at our warehouse down near Granville Island or can be shipped nationally.

    We expect the new more adult oriented colors to be arriving in Canada shortly and will be stocking the plum, charcoal, ghost and slate.

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  2. We just got a big shipment of Goodbyns in for your little ones who are going back to school!

    Lots of colors to choose from; plum, ghost, slate, pink, blue, orange, green!!

    $ 28.99

    Call us if you have any questions at:



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