the happiest place on earth

This April I went to Disneyland on a girls only (my mum, me and my girls – four and six) trip and I came back with so many tips, ideas and recommendations for making the trip easier so I thought … MORE

an hour with frog and toad

We’ve long been fans of Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad series which celebrates the simple pleasures of friendship so I was looking forward to taking L, our four-year-old to a matinee of Carousel Theatre’s latest production, A Year With Frog … MORE

good for the environmint

Is it a satellite photo of the Earth? Something from Google Earth? A piece of art? Nope, it’s soap! I’ve been sitting on this photo of Environmint Soap from Ilus Elu till Earth Day. It was just so perfect!

mother of all things intelligently green

Here’s the full q&a of our conversation with Lisa Borden of Borden Communications + Design from a recent Mamas Rock profile. Lisa has so much passion that we just had to reprint our interview in full! What inspired Borden Communications? … MORE

earthy calendar

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd but I like to think about the earth on a daily basis (or at least not just once a year) so I’m using this earth month calendar from Whole Foods. It’s a … MORE

gotta go?

What parent looks forward to potty training? Yet we’ve all got to do it. So we asked cloth diapering (and all things potty) expert, Karen Randall of the New & Green Baby Co., for ideas on making the process easier … MORE

The Intimacy Of K-Y

I think the word ‘K-Y’ makes most people think lube, sex or wrestling, so this was not an easy conversation with my partner when I told him I had K-Y® Intimacy Experiment for us to do and blog about.  But … MORE

stay dry and draw

It’s a very blustery, wet Good Friday here in Vancouver, so we thought these downloadable colouring pages from My Wonderful World of Fashion might be an excellent way to while away some Easter afternoon hours! We love this colouring book … MORE


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