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Some of the things that come across our desk for testing are a little odd. Sometimes good odd. Sometimes not so good odd. So when we received the Head Snuggler from Melrose Kids we were perplexed. Was it just a gimmick or did it actually work?

Distressed at seeing how her son’s head flopped about when he slept on the move, Canadian mother-of-two, Melanie Risdon-Betcher, created the Head Snuggler to properly support a child’s head and neck while they rest in their car seat. It works with most infant, toddler and booster seats – although it won’t work with newborns, who are too deep in their seats for it to be effective till they’re about four months old.  You position it around the back of your baby’s seat and then pull it down around their head to keep it in place while they rest.

Recommended by a paediatrician and a chiropractor as well as a children’s restraint safety technician, we went to our go-to chiropractor, Stephanie Bonn of Bonn Chiropractic for her opinion. She agrees that it seems as if “it would help sleeping toddlers keep their necks bending (to prevent torticollis or “wry” neck).” And it eliminates the need to futilely prop up your tot with receiving blankets or stray stuffies.

Experts aside, we know how we cringe when we see our little ones asleep in their car seats, their necks folded at awkward angles and bobbing about, so we put it to the test. We could definitely see why they recommend waiting until your little one falls asleep to use it the first time and we can’t wait until our kids are big enough to pull their Head Snugglers down over their heads by themselves so we don’t have to pull over or perform contortionist feats to put them on when our tots drift off on the road.

Definitely an oddy but a goodie.

Head Snuggler: www.melrosekids.com

4 thoughts on “flip that flopping

  1. HI Everyone!

    I love my HeadSnuggler! My daughter won’t travel in our car without it. Looks odd at the beginning but then you will never want to have another child without it!


  2. This is an interesting product, but I’m very sorry to hear that you have a “go-to chiropractor.” I hope she’s one of the ones that’s basically a glorified massage therapist, and not one of the ones that believes in unscientific magic. That stuff can be really harmful, especially considering that there is no scientific basis whatsoever for the “chiropractic principles” or even the concept of a “subluxation.”

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