spooky & safe

We’ve talked Halloween safety on yoyomama before but we found these safety tips from BC Children’s Safe Start program that are so handy and comprehensive that we wanted to share because a little safety reminder never hurts. Some of the … MORE

Live and Learn: Cry Baby

Cry Baby When I had my first child, I thought when she cried I needed to pick her up – each and every time she cried.  What kind of mother would I be not to?  And then I had a … MORE

sigg saga: the final chapter

At long last my SIGG saga is over. I have exchanged my SIGG bottles with the “bad” lining for newer versions with the “good” lining. My saga started with the discovery the SIGG bottles manufactured before August of 2008 had … MORE

out, out damned spot

I have never washed my hands as frequently no5 gone through as much hand sanitizer as I have in the last month or so. And after I learned about Triclosan I’ve been inspecting the ingredients of all the hand sanitizers … MORE

window art

I was tweeting about the window crayons we covered in our editorial this past Wednesday with the delightful Penny from Milk Factory and she wanted to see samples of what the girls got up to with their crayons. So I … MORE

Live and Learn: Trusting Your Instincts

Trusting Your Instincts It was a daunting experience to give birth to my first child, without the support of my family who lived a continent away.  I had never bothered to read any child rearing books, assuming that the right … MORE

peter peter pumpkin seed eater

Want to be more eco-friendly by using up every little bit of your pumpkin? Here’s an easy recipe for toasting your pumpkin seeds once you’ve finished carving your ghoulish gourd. Sure, a big part of Halloween’s appeal is sweet treats … MORE

Mary Poppins vs. Cruella de Vil

“Every day I start out Mary Poppins but I end up Cruella de Vil.” – Mom’s the Word: Remixed As I donned my glad rags and assured myself that most people I encountered on my night out wouldn’t be able … MORE


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