make it your own

After all the talk of water bottles of late, we also wanted to share this crafty idea from Keri of Craft Caravan: Though there are an abundance of stainless steel water bottle designs available, your child will likely encounter at … MORE

sponsored post: meet & greet

Want to connect with other mamas in your hood or with similar interests? Then look no farther than Here you can find and create local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face. These are just a few of the local … MORE

sponsored post: don't label me

As a mother there are a lot of things I mean to do. The road to hell is well paved with all my good parenting intentions. I’ve always planned to get labels for my kids’ stuff for example, but I … MORE

year of the swine addendum

When I wrote our article about hand washing being key in preventing H1N1 this fall the key to the flu prevention was washing your hands with non-antibacterial soap and water. But when soap and water aren’t available you can always … MORE


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