travel with children

From Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children 5th Edition: Being Prepared Good preparation and planning is the key to travelling with children. This doesn’t mean mapping out your entire route or booking every night’s accommodation but with children in tow you … MORE

Myths in Parenting

Today’s blog post is compliments of my mother: Barbara Marshall As a mother who has raised two daughters – and doesn’t imply she’s got it all right – I thought you might be interested in reading about some myths in … MORE

lip service

When I was given a KINeSYS Sun Protection Stick to review – I was very interested to see what it would be like. Besides the fact that it’s a great size to always have with you, it’s good to use … MORE

campout cooking

These recipes are variations on some yummy looking treats in a book I’m reading for review. They’re not healthy. They are easy. And they’re perfect summer treats for when you’re camping, or roughing it or just plain old everyday barbequing. … MORE

music for the masses

Any parent who has had Baby Beluga (or worse) stuck in their mind for weeks at a time will appreciate good music that both kids AND parents can enjoy. And this is important. When my eldest finds something she likes, … MORE

family flick tips

Do you find your kid vids don’t always turn out the way you envisioned? We asked Greg Thorpe of MonkeyRed Designs – a designer with a background in TV production – for some tips on getting the most from your … MORE

popularity contest

I was walking my five-year-old home from kindergarten one day when she mournfully told me, “No one ever plays with me at recess.” Well, my heart sunk, after all, who wants their child to be the odd man out in … MORE


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