i need another shower

Last weekend I went to a baby shower. It seems in life some things come in waves  – and weddings and baby showers definitely fall into that category. So this was my first baby shower in awhile and I left … MORE

director of sales: job posting

We’re sad to say that Jewel, who’s been with us from the very beginning,  has had to scale back her role with yoyomama to focus on her family. And this means we’re looking for a new Director of Sales so … MORE

mums just want to have fun

I’ve been getting lots of questions on #VMNO on twitter, so I thought I’d expound a little here. #VMNO is the tag for Vancouver Mums Night Out, the first time we’ve arranged a tweet up/meet up. It came about because … MORE

social media and online marketing: the coles notes

In days of old, the general public were swayed by happy jingles and formidable announcers voice, which served as effective forms of advertising. Traditional Forms of Advertising Going the Way of the Dodo These days, however, traditional forms of advertising … MORE

oh mama!

In addition to all our great weekend guide events there are so many Mother’s Day sales and specials coming up this weekend that I wanted to share them with you. And this  fab video from Sharole at Glow Marketing came … MORE

this is not your granny's pregnancy…

If there’s one thing that is not in short supply when it comes to  having a baby, it’s advice. And while some advice is useful, solicited and appreciated, other advice is, well, not so much. Family members, friends and even … MORE

rock your image

You are a smart entrepreneur.  You have done your research, and carefully chosen where to spend your advertising dollars.  You want targeted exposure, a responsive audience, and the ever important goal: branding. You have lost sleep over what specials you … MORE

post-festival perhaps, but not post-beauty

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival wrapped up a week ago, but there are still blossoms a-plenty on our streets.  With a colder than usual winter, the blossoms bloomed later than expected, but that also means we get to enjoy them … MORE


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