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Filed Under Stuff | September 24, 2007

Rainy day wear

Fall’s taking a firm foothold, and that means lots of our local brand of liquid sunshine. So, it’s time to make rain gear and boots a staple of the mix of outdoor wear by the door. Whether you prefer one-piece muddy buddy style suits, two piece sets, or coats, we have a listing of Canadian-made rainy day wear that covers all the bases.

Vancouver-based company Lettuce Bee makes all their products locally and uses Canadian materials whenever possible. They offer lined and unlined one-piece rain suits for ages one to four and a full range of lined and unlined coats and pants that fit up to age 12. All their one-pieces and coats have sewn-in reflective trim, making your tot more visible on a grey day.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op carries one-piece rain suits for infants on up, as well as parkas and rain pants for older kids. All Canadian made. There’s more in store than online, plus you can always buy, sell or swap used MEC products via their online Gear Swap. And on October 14 they’re hosting an in-store Gear Swap as well.

Canadian company Kushies offers a huge range of stuff for babies, everything from blankets to bedding to bibs. Their rain jacket and pant sets for ages one to three comes in lots of great colours and have reflective strips on each piece.

Although not everything on BC-based site Mountainbaby is Canadian made, they do offer a selection of rain gear for good prices. Favourites include one-piece suits from Tuffo, jackets and pants from Kushies and Kamik rubber boots in hard-to-find toddler and preschooler sizes.

Rough and tumble rain gear doesn’t come that cheap. But if you have – or are planning to have – more than one child, we figure investing in something good (and gender-neutral) for your oldest means your second can enjoy puddle jumping and mud-pie making in as much comfort as your first.

6 thoughts on “(Rain) gear up

  1. Those are great tips on kids raingear and I have to say I have found no shortage of cute or funky wet weather clothes for little ones but it’s something stylish and waterproof for myself that can’t find. I don’t want to look like I’m ready to hike the westcoast trail everytime I head out for a coffee! But being on the westcoast means we need real raincoats not just water resistant ones and pushing a stroller while juggling an umbrella (and a coffee) is pretty near impossible. When is a Vancouver designer going to realize this striking ommission from our burgeoning fashion scene?

  2. The MEC rair gear is awesome, I put my 14 month old in it this summer on a rainy day and of course he found the biggest mud puddle and plunked himself right in the middle of it. Well after hosing him off i stripped him down and he was dry and clean his white socks were still white. I would recommend that suit to any mother that knows the first place your children want to play after a storm is the puddles.

    Worth every penny.

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  4. Have you seen Puddlegear PVC free rain gear? Its a local Vancouver company. They can order anything for kids and adults from the Swedish Company Abeko.se! Very cool environmentally friendly stuff.


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  6. Thank you for this blog! I am outside Toronto and have found it near impossible to find rain pants for my daughter. Off to MEC I go!

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